Thus terminated the battle of Kunaxa, and along with it the ambitious hopes as well as the life of this young prince.

Hereupon the women made their husbands and children known to their fathers and brothers, fetched food and drink for such as needed it, and took the wounded into their own houses to be attended to there.

I did want to see you, and I should not have left camp without having done so. A very common habit even in India to-day is to name persons after heroic kings, great priests, or even after the gods, without any mark being added to distinguish them in after years; and when any period of time has elapsed it is almost impossible to separate the personality of the father from the son, or the disciple from the teacher, or the priest from the god. Wie das Gestirn, / Ohne Hast, / Aber ohne Rast, / Drehe sich jeder / Um die eigne Last—Like a star, without haste, yet without rest, let each one revolve round his own task. Without language of an explicit kind not even the rudiments of civilisation would be possible. That will help them to get well quicker.

He ordered the military tribunes to put the army in motion, and himself leaped upon his horse’s back. She now sent two venomous snakes into the chamber of Alcmene, which crept, unperceived by the nurses, to the cradle of the sleeping child. After Ostermann had gone, a command rang out to the Uhlans. But the operations of the campaign, though wisely concerted, were not executed either with ability or success. I have lived in amity with my good brother, whom I rejoice to see in possession of the highest office by your father’s goodness, and by your friendship at peace and perfect rest.

Cui prodest scelus, is fecit—He has committed the crime who profits by it. For Stafford, my kinsman Henry Bourgcher, and my servant Edward Reynolds. He read it to me, and my recollection of it is that he suggested two principal lines of movement in the West,–one, to move eastward by the Kanawha valley with a heavy column to co-operate with an army in front of Washington; the other, to march directly southward and to open the valley of the Mississippi. They only put forward their propositions to contend with those they think we have in our belief. [228] Xen.

[p. Bist du Amboss, sei geduldig; bist du Hammer, schlage hart—Art thou anvil, be patient; art thou hammer, strike hard. “My good old friend, I want your assistance against these fellows, who are about to unite for the purpose of overpowering me by numbers.” The inimical confederates are Brougham and Lords Holland, Durham, Grey, etc., on the one side, who are fraternizing with Lord Eldon, the Duke of Cumberland, and others, on the other. At nine o’clock Brownell and McCormack commandeered a car and drove to the hospital. I sent two of my staff officers to impress upon him the importance of pushing forward vigorously.

In his twenty-third year (1449) we find note of a sulphur cast from a niello of his workmanship being handed over by the painter Alessio Baldovinetti to a customer in payment or exchange for a dagger received.


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