Tour d’adresse—A trick of sleight of hand.

The war was thus skilfully diverted by Louis from the Rhine into the very neighbourhood of the Emperor.

Before receiving this disastrous news, Charles resolved to make another effort to form a junction with Montrose. Le bonheur des méchants comme un torrent s’écoule—The happiness of the wicked passes away like a brook. Of mean understandings, little inquisitive, and little instructed, are made good Christians, who by reverence and obedience simply believe and are constant in their belief. The canoe had been swept round so as to be brought by the force of the waters absolutely in among the upturned roots and broken stumps of the trees which impeded the river, and thus, when the party was upset, they were at first to be seen scrambling among the branches. On the 11th of September, before the meeting of the Commission, a petition of many thousands of well-affected men in the cities of London and Westminster, in the borough of Southwark, and the neighbouring villages, “had been presented, praying that justice might be done on the chief author of the great bloodshed which had been perpetrated in the war.” They called for the execution of Holland, Hamilton, Capel, Goring, and the rest of the Royalist officers now confined at Windsor.

In the first place, we see, as has been truly stated, a change in the description and form of the sovereign authority. Shakespeare, the finest human figure, as I apprehend, that Nature has hitherto seen fit to make out of our widely-diffused Teutonic clay. A much more famous papyrus roll, the so-called Prisse Papyrus—sometimes called the oldest book in the world—now in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, is believed to be a copy of an original written in the time of Assa.


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