William received them very graciously, but conceded nothing, and Harley declared, on returning to the House, that the king’s answer was no answer at all.

The Austrian Ambassador, the Count de Seilern, described by Horace Walpole in a letter to the Earl of Hertford as the most stately and ceremonious of men, was obliged to get out of his coach, and ignominiously held with his legs in the air while the figures “45” were chalked on the soles of his shoes.

And if it had been true with regard to all, yet the distance of Corinth from the Peloponnesian station was so very great, that Thucydidês would hardly mark direction by referring to a city so very far off. Zu Rom bestehen die 10 Gebote aus den 10 30 Buchstaben; / Da pecuniamgieb Gelder—At Rome the Ten Commandments consist of ten letters—Da pecuniam—Give money. A much higher stage was reached in the financial methods of the Greek states, or more correctly speaking of Athens, the best-known specimen of the class. The President in presenting my commission read from a paper—stating, however, as a preliminary, and prior to the delivery of it, that he had drawn that up on paper, knowing my disinclination to speak in public, and handed me a copy in advance so that I might prepare a few lines of reply. There was authority of law for enlisting a certain number of men as musicians.

Both the emperors were engaged in far distant wars, Valerian in the East, and Gallienus on the Rhine. Omnes omnium caritates patria una complectitur—Our country alone comprehends all our affections for all. Such was the fortune, or at least the apprehension of the Greek emperor Alexius Comnenus, whose name has already appeared in this history, and whose conduct is so differently represented by his daughter Anne, and by the Latin writers. (?) Aristotle says with justice (De gen. We find something similar to what is here said about sight in Plato’s Timæus (pp.

“The Zagázítes showed a peculiar, independent, free-and-easy bearing, and the resident Europeans, who lately begged two English officers in uniform to walk through the town, do not hold themselves safe without the protection of a detachment, British soldiers or policemen. This teaching is accomplished in quite another way. For twenty days did they await his return, without receiving from him any communication; the Cyreian Persians under Ariæus being encamped near them. The feeble elegance of Italy and the internal provinces could no longer support the weight of arms.


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