Windham hoped to defeat the Hon.

Now these ten spheres make, like all that is in motion, a tone; but each makes a different one, according to the difference in its size and[230] velocity.

I presume Mrs. Neque foemina, amissa pudicitia, alia abnuerit—When a woman has once lost her chastity, she will shrink from nothing. They resolved instantly to fill the vacant throne with an emperor whose character would justify and maintain the action that had been committed. “There, look at that,” said Karatáev, swaying his head. Of course the foreigners who made loans under such conditions demanded exorbitant interest, and if they were Europeans expected their governments to stand by them.

The water was brackish and the banks were fringed with timber. Auch die Kunst ist Himmelsgabe, / Borgt sie 30 gleich von ird’scher Glut—Art is a gift of Heaven, yet does it borrow its fire from earthly passion. I never read this divine description but that, methinks, I there see human folly and vanity represented in their true and lively colours. “The old men have met to talk over the business of the commune,” replied the peasant, moving away. He would no longer visit Mazarin, because the Cardinal insisted on calling him Eminence instead of Excellence; Grotius considering this distinction of terms a slight upon his rank as ambassador.

To the end of the handle was attached a thong, apparently of leather, through which the hand was passed. Few recovered their senses so far as to attempt to resist Camillus, and those few fell where they stood; but most of them were slain as they lay helpless with wine and sleep. I formerly loved hazardous games of cards and dice; but have long since left them off, only for this reason that, with whatever good air I carried my losses, I could not help feeling vexed within. But the moderation of the conquerors was insufficient to appease the jealous prejudices of their subjects, who were alarmed and scandalized at the ensigns of paganism, which necessarily introduced themselves into a Roman province. Natásha glanced with frightened imploring eyes at Prince Andrew and at her mother and went out.

The legislature was in session at the time, however, and came to his relief. Count v. Vixi dubius, anxius morior, nescio quo vado—I have lived in doubt, I die in anxiety, and I know not whither I go. Gunpowder makes all men alike tall…. Messengers were spurring from place to place all night to carry the exact intelligence to the authorities; and the next morning all Devonshire appeared to be marching for Torbay.

Aristotle instances (De anim. Prince Andrew, looking again at that genealogical tree, shook his head, laughing as a man laughs who looks at a portrait so characteristic of the original as to be amusing. Oro è che oro vale—What is worth gold is gold. “I say, Fédeshon!… This threw the army at my command still more on the defensive.

In the eyes of the world Pierre was a great gentleman, the rather blind and absurd husband of a distinguished wife, a clever crank who did nothing but harmed nobody and was a first-rate, good-natured fellow. Cromwell was active all this winter along the eastern coast, in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Essex, and elsewhere, raising supplies, stopping those of the enemy, and forming Associations of counties for mutual defence.


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