Wo grosse Höh’, ist grosse Tiefe—Where there 10 is great height there is great depth.

Greatness, once fallen out with fortune, / Must fall out with men too; what the declined is, / He shall as soon read in the eyes of others / As feel in his own fall. Troil.

Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill. Macb., iii. We were all to be back at Corpus Christi by the end of the month. will elucidate the meaning of our author in this place. How great things can time and example do! In an encounter of the civil war against Cinna, one of Pompey’s soldiers having unawares killed his brother, who was of the contrary party, he immediately for shame and sorrow killed himself: and some years after, in another civil war of the same people, a soldier demanded a reward of his officer for having killed his brother. Creaking waggons are long in passing. Fris.

Though Agesilaus, in leaving Greece, had prided himself on hoisting the flag of Agamemnon, he was now destined against his will to tread in the footsteps of the Persian Xerxes in his march from the Thracian Chersonese through Thrace, Macedonia, and Thessaly, to Thermopylæ and Boeotia. Voluntary enlistments had ceased throughout the greater part of the North, and the draft had been resorted to to fill up our ranks. In all these transactions we have endeavoured in vain to discover any ground for the common calumny against the Scots, that they bought and sold the king. 252 XLVI. Say it’s only indigestion, say so, Mary! Say…” And the little princess began to cry capriciously like a suffering child and to wring her little hands even with some affectation.

The former, as well as his son, whom he had created Augustus, was dressed in Gallic trousers, 79 a saffron tunic, and a robe of purple. Ord was at his place promptly.


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